Such Great Heights

I'm just your average Joe-ina .
But that's barely scratching the surface - take a deeper look and there's no promising you'll come back out the same.
Hopefully you can read & learn from my mistakes - considering I make enough for both of us.
I just learning to live out love .

Skip church service to find my Jesus . 

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Life is hard

especially when no one really understands what you’re going through. 

&& man is a funny thing

I had SUCH a great day. So great in fact that I had to end it here blogging with a cup of soy milk & an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (one of many) - there really are happy endings!!

I got to spend some time with a person I don’t normally see. Although I’m bent on changing that. For I am convinced he is the last chivalrous man on this planet. And I refuse to play Wheres Waldo with that kind of heart.

We baked cookies and I taught my little brother to crack an egg . Which of course I thought was cute at the time but consequently now I am hearing the constant chatter of him being able to handle it himself and asking if I can make something with eggs in it. Oh children.

Our trio went to the park down the street from my house. Needless to say the little one was much more enthusiastic about the whole ordeal. But I would do anything to put a smile on that boys face. Plus it was heartwarming to watch as he ran around the park saying hello to people and even helping a smaller child out on a no doubt mountain of a slide. His manners really are becoming superb.
All God fearing righteous men start somewhere right?

After departing from the park and dropping the small one back off at home and a harder than expected goodbye with my friend - I embarked on a journey to find my friend Brenda . Who has just moved to our humungous city of San Francisco from a tiny town, to get her to my (now OUR) churches bible study that night. Watching her ride public transportation for the first time was a blast but I’m glad I could be of service.

& bible study well - how much more fun do I need than learning about my Lord & Savior?

It can’t get any better.

Chivalry ?

A boy walked me to my door tonight… . .

&& they said it was dead !